What’s better than waking up in your own luxury home? It’s waking up in your own luxury home in Southwest Colorado. For many who live and play in this unique corner of the world, there is something magic about walking out of your home and into a mountain-esque playground with beauty and adventure to spare. But that’s not the only thing that makes building a luxury home here so enticing.

This article discusses several advantages of building a home in Southwest Colorado. From its stunningly beautiful surroundings to unique luxury home construction opportunities to energy efficiency solutions, there are many perks to building a home in the area.


What Makes Southwest Colorado the Perfect Destination?


Who doesn’t wish they could be on vacation all the time? Perhaps the best part of owning a home in Southwest Colorado is that you feel like you are on vacation almost every day. 

Durango and the surrounding area are rich in mining history, with its historic Victorian-era downtown and the mining relics dotting the San Juan Mountains. The area is also geographically diverse, ranging from high desert mesas to pine forests to tundra strewn 13,000+ foot mountains. With such a wide range of ecosystems, there is an equally wide range of activities to enjoy, from downhill skiing to desert mountain biking.  

Building a luxury home in the area means that the only beauty to rival your home is the beauty right outside your front door. Popular luxury home developments, like West Dalton Ranch, are close to all the excitement of Colorado Mountain living and numerous amenities like golf course access, private swimming pools, and clubhouses. This makes Southwest Colorado an ideal location to enjoy both luxury and adventure.


Unique Opportunities in Luxury Home Construction


Not only is Durango known for its outstanding beauty and abundance of activities, but it also boasts a large selection of custom home builders with extensive expertise and exceptionally high customer satisfaction rates. 

Some exceptional luxury home builders in the area include: 

  • Classique Builders
  • Custom-Built Durango
  • Elevation Custom Builders
  • Mantell-Hecathorn Builders
  • Veritas
  • JT Builders

Energy Solutions in Southwest Colorado


Southwest Colorado is also known for its abundance of sunny, bluebird days. This has attracted the attention of major solar companies. With more renewable energy powering thousands of homes in the region, future generations will enjoy a healthier environment for a long time to come.

Area home builders are also leading the industry in certifications like ENERGY STAR and DOE Zero Energy, to name a few. With Colorado’s sights on reducing the amount of greenhouse emissions produced by residential and commercial buildings, Southwest Colorado is staying ahead of the curve, constructing luxury homes that are elegant and efficient.  


Materials Selection


Colorado is finicky when it comes to the weather. From the dry air and intense sunlight to dramatic shifts in temperature, luxury homes here are built to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them.  Builders in the southwest part of the state do not cut any corners when it comes to utilizing materials that boost the longevity and efficiency of custom homes. 

Some materials used to achieve this include:

  • Fire resistant roofing
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Vinyl plank flooring
  • No-maintenance decking
  • Smart home technology

Whether you are considering relocating to sunny Southwest Colorado or upgrading to an efficient luxury custom home, Team North Star is here to help you on your dream home journey. 

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