This winter has knocked all of our socks off. Colorado has certainly gotten some well-deserved moisture. With record breaking snowfall all over the state, locals have flocked to the mountains to enjoy the powder.

Having lived all over the Durango area for the last six years, this year I settled in for winter in Hesperus. This is the most snow I have experienced since I last lived in Rico. I remember those winters where our cars would be completely buried and all you could see were mounds of snow. Most of the time you couldn’t tell if it was a plow pile or a buried F-150. I’ve always been proud of my ability to drive in the snow after growing up with those intense winters; however, so far this year I’ve gotten stuck three times!

With all of the snow Durango has seen this winter, I am a newfound snow blower enthusiast. Thankfully, we had one during the peak of the winter. I would’ve broken my back if we didn’t. Sadly it only lasted about 2 months before it kicked the can in early February. 

Unfortunately a fractured foot has kept me from joining in on most of the winter fun this year. I can only hope next winter is close to as deep as this year, when my foot is all healed. I haven’t had dreams of skiing or snowboarding, like I have this year, since I was a kid in Telluride.

Growing up, our school offered a program called Ski P.E., where one day every week was dedicated to skiing, skating, snowshoeing, or other activities ALL WINTER LONG. Most of my classmates joined me and opted into ski/snowboard school and would spend the whole day on the mountain. I remember this being one of the coolest things Telluride had to offer for its youth, creating generation after generation of skilled skiers and snowboarders. Having such an incredibly massive winter this year brings me back to those good ol’ days of Ski P.E. 

Having the opportunity to learn to ski and snowboard at such a young age has made me very grateful when it comes to exploring the rest of Colorado. Where there’s snow, there’s a community of snow enthusiasts welcoming you with open arms. Purgatory resort has been the closest thing to home for me since moving to Durango. Growing up in a resort town, it was nice when I finally got to experience working at a ski resort when I joined Purgatory’s workforce several years ago. Although it was only for a season, I thoroughly enjoyed the routine of spending all day on the mountain having a good time with equally good people.


Snow Nap

Annika napping in the snow at the bottom of the magic carpet.

Winter Family Photo

Annika, brother, and beloved family dog posing for a snowy picture outside their Telluride home.