What do you look forward to in Durango in Jan/Feb?: Snowdown!

January is undoubtedly a beautiful time to be in Durango. The mountains are capped in pristine white snow and the river runs crystal clear. There are so many fun ways to spend your winter days here, but by far one of our favorite parts of winter in Durango, Colorado is Snowdown

This five-day festival perfectly represents some of our favorite things about our little mountain community. Mainly, Durango knows how to band together and find a reason to celebrate. For more than 40 years now, in the darkest, coldest part of winter, we have been coming together in our silliest costumes for the sole purpose of having a good time. 

We at Team Northstar were so sad to see the festival cancelled last year for the first time since its start it 1979, and this year we can’t wait to dig into our costume boxes once again for our best “Magical and Mythical” ensembles. 

Each year there is a brand new theme. 2019 was “A Comic-Con Snowdown” and we all headed out on the town as our favorite comic book or cartoon characters. Two years ago, 2020 had one of our absolute favorite themes so far with a Rock n’ Roll Snowdown. We couldn’t get enough of the Freddie Mercurys, Elton Johns, Billie Idols and Joan Jetts all over town! This year should be a good one though, with a Magical and Mythical theme. 

This is such a fun time to see the creativity and camaraderie of our Durango businesses! Snowdown event schedules can be found all over town, and we highly recommend you find one. It’ll list all of the events and activities taking place over the festival’s five days (January 26th – 30th this year). You might have to do some careful planning to get to all the ones you want to see and participate in. 

While this is definitely a chance for the locals to let loose with lots of drinks and debauchery, we also love that it can be fun for the whole family. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities too! 

Snowdown is such an endearing part of what makes Durango special, and we are excited to see it return this year! Maybe we’ll see you out there, though you might not recognize us in costume.