We believe that working together as a team allows us to offer the best service possible to our clients. We also believe that family makes the best team! We are so thankful for the opportunity to work together and support one another in life and work here in beautiful Southwestern Colorado. 

As the days have grown darker and cooler and the first dustings of snow have appeared on the mountaintops, we’ve been reflecting on how lucky we are.

It has been 4 years since we, Tiare and Monique Flora, partnered together on Team North Star with fellow realtor Alix Rowland. Tiare and Alix started together in the real estate business in 2009 as a team and created the Team North Star model. Monique has since taken over Alix’s partnership position to create the mother-daughter team we have today which continues to be a fun and challenging adventure to get to grow into the mother-daughter dynamic duo. We couldn’t ask for better partners than one another as we have combined our experience, knowledge and networks to better support our clients and each other. 

With Alix as a founding partner in Team North Star, she continues on to be part of our family as well as having an active real estate career on the team. Alix has been actively pursuing some travel and educational interests as well which brings a wonderful light and learning energy to our little family and group.

Our collective understanding of and familiarity with the Durango and Telluride real estate markets comes from decades of not only working here, but living and adventuring here, and, in Monique’s case, growing up in this area (Telluride). We both love Southwestern Colorado so much, and are passionate about connecting others not just with a house but with a home here. 

It has been a wonderful adventure getting to work together toward this common goal, and also getting to work with another member of the family team. Eric Flora (Tiare’s husband and Monique’s father) is a developer here in the Durango area, and he and Tiare are partners not only in life, but also in developing The Timbers and The Overlook at Edgemont Highlands, a residential development just east of Durango. 

There is one more person we can’t leave out, as we continue to recount our gratitude. We consider Kylie Kouyoumjian an honorary family member and an invaluable team member. We have loved working with Kylie since before we even founded Team North Star. She has helped out in our office for many years, and now Kylie has just earned her Real Estate license! We are so proud of the hard work she has put in and excited for her in this next phase! 

We know how lucky we are to get to work together. We get to be one another’s guiding stars, and we hope that as Team North Star we can help guide you in your hunt for the perfect home here in Southwestern Colorado.