Union Social House

We cannot believe it’s already December! It feels like the first leaves were just changing only moments ago. If you’re like us, you have probably been too busy for Christmas shopping just yet! Somehow it always sneaks up! 

Fortunately, our lovely Durango community makes Christmas Shopping a breeze!  There are so many wonderful artists and creative entrepreneurs here who turn holiday gift hunting from a chore to a joy. 

We are especially excited to visit the Union Social House Holiday Market (located at 3062 Main Avenue on the North end of town) held each Saturday and Sunday from 2- 7 p.m. through December 19th. The local crafters, makers and artists never cease to amaze and delight! From pottery and jewelry (it’s hard not to shop for yourself a little too) to clothing and art pieces, you’re sure to find something for everyone! And you get to go home with the warm fuzzy feeling of giving back to a wonderful community. 

You also get to support the Union Social House, one of our favorite hangouts in town. Carol Clark opened the Union Social House in 2019 and wanted to celebrate the building’s lively history! She and her team have created a perfect place to hang out, play games, taste delicious cocktails (you’ve got to try Carol’s “Clark Cocktail”!) and generally enjoy some community camaraderie. If you are looking to get a feel for what Durango is all about, we’d definitely suggest heading over to the Union where they welcome you with open arms like family or long lost friends. 

While visiting North Main Street, we’d also encourage you to stop by the La Plata County Fairgrounds on Saturday, December 11th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the Durango Farmers Market Holiday Market. This is another perfect opportunity to check out some of Durango’s talented artists, creatives and even a few farmers. The Holiday Market features an assortment of quality handmade holiday gift items, plus a pick of the last of the season’s fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, and more from our favorite local Farmers.

Even if you can’t make it to either of these wonderful holiday markets, Durango is still a perfect place to find everything you’ll need this holiday season. Maybe we’ll see you on the sidewalks of downtown as we check those last-minute items off our own lists in the many lovely and fun shops right on Main Street!