Wow! What a year! After all of the turmoil and uncertainty of 2020, we weren’t quite sure what to expect heading into 2021. On the whole, this has been an exciting and fulfilling year for each of us here at Team North Star. 

Monique – This is my 4th year as a licensed realtor here in Southwestern Colorado and despite the unpredictability we faced at the start of the year, I am so pleased with how it has all turned out. I’ve gotten to reconnect with some returning clients who are making exciting changes in their lives, and I’ve gotten to build my network and meet some incredible new families and individuals referred to me from those I’ve helped in the past. 

As 2021 draws to a close, I am still so grateful to get to work with and learn from my Step-Mom, Tiare, and I look forward to continuing to help people find and attain their dream homes here in my favorite place, Southwest Colorado. 

Tiare – What an incredible year! Although 2021 has been great for the Durango Real Estate Market, and for Team North Star in general, I am actually the most excited about another project that’s been a huge part of my and my husband’s life for a while now. We have finally completed The Overlook and The Timbers developments at Edgemont Highlands. These projects have been many years in the making, and while it has been a fun and challenging journey for Eric and myself, I am looking forward to our next adventure. , and to having a little more time again to devote to helping out with Team Northstar! 

As this year reaches its end, I am proud of the work Monique and Kylie have been doing, and I’m eager to have a little more time again to devote to helping out with Team Northstar. 

Kylie – I cannot believe this year has finally come (and already gone)! I have been working with Tiare and Monique as a part of Team Northstar for several years now, helping them out and learning so much from them as I’ve been studying for my own broker exams. This year I am so excited to say that I passed the exam on my first try and am now a fully licensed broker! My work with the women in Team Northstar has been indispensable to my education as a real estate broker. I have learned so much in the past years, and look forward to applying that knowledge and to continuing to learn and gain experience. 

Durango is a incredible place to live and work, and I can’t wait to start helping people find their perfect home here!