Happy Mothers Day, from our little family to yours!

We’d like to take a quick moment to acknowledge the hard work and inspiring liveliness of our Team Northstar “mom”, Tiare Flora.

Tiare has been a driving force in our group’s success from the very beginning as she helped establish Team Northstar here at the Wells Group with her friend and real estate partner, Alix Rowland.

Now Tiare is our guide, our leader, our cheerleader, and our mentor. Her passion, experience, and love for the Southwest permeate everything she does. Every day Tiare shows up at work ready to put her 25+ years of real estate experience to work to help people make that next big life move. Her love for this area and for the people who live here and want to live here is apparent in everything she does.

Although she works hard, Tiare also sets an example for our team of the importance of striking a balance. She knows how to enjoy the life afforded here in Southwest Colorado, and prioritizes spending time with her family, volunteering for dog shelters, paddle boarding, and playing with her pets.

We couldn’t ask for a better North Star for our team. Tiare brings wisdom, experience and definitely plenty of fun into the office each day and inspires the rest of us to work hard and bring our best every single day as well.